translating a color name to RGB triplet

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Sat Sep 9 13:34:02 EDT 2006

Somehow the thread has been lost.

The colornames does not give a list of the color RGB triad, just the 
names themselves. In the user-accessible, documented Rev world, there 
is no way shown to CONVERT from color name to RGB triad and 
vice-versa. This is what I was looking for.

Mark Schonewille's suggestion of using revNumbertoColor() appears to 
be the hidden function to do this. It needs to be tested to see if it 
works in a standalone. Otherwise, one might have to dig into a revLib.

Grabbing the X11 list (with decimal RGB triad), putting it into a 
custom property, turning it into an array, and using it to 
cross-reference is really a workaround, reinventing the wheel, as I 
knew using other commands in Rev that used this conversion lived 
somewhere in REV.

This method is covered well in earlier posts by Eric Chatonet:

>About colours convert functions you could have a look at this post: 
>The list of the color names/RGB values are here:

>Friday, September 8, 2006, 12:29:41 PM, you wrote:
>>  somewhere within the bowels of Rev must be a way to convert this directly.
>>From Mark Waddingham earlier this year:
>In terms of the colours themselves, then they come from the standard
>X11 named colour table. One reference for this is at:
>You can access the full list from within Revolution by using the 
>colorNames function.
>-Mark Wieder

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