Runtime Revolution Announces D&M Galaxy 1.0.3

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Fri Sep 8 13:40:32 EDT 2006

Runtime Revolution Announces D&M Galaxy 1.0.3


September 8, 2006. Edinburgh, Scotland. Runtime Revolution Ltd, the leader
in multi-platform rich media and application development tools and Austin,
Texas-based Daniels & Mara announce the immediate availability of D&M Galaxy

Despite the modest number of the update, the Galaxy 1.0.3 product line
includes 11 brand new features, 7 enhancements to Galaxy Debugger, 35 minor
productivity improvements and over 48 user submitted fixes/improvements

Among other features added, Galaxy offers these improvements:

-Drag, Drop & Resize. Hold down option key when dropping Properties or
Scripts and the project will resize itself.
-Drag, Drop & Trim.  Scripts and Properties have a new pref that
automatically "trims" the right and bottom of editors to be no greater than
the right and bottom of their screens.
-Snap-To Tools. Galaxy Tools and Galaxy Bar can now snap to corners to free
up screen space.
-Instant Short Cuts. Galaxy Scripts and Properties short cuts appear when
command+option (control+alt) keys are depressed while pointer is in title
bar or when "Show Shortcuts" is chosen from either component's action menu.
- Hyperlinking to Handlers and Auto-Complete. This feature is now in all
versions of Galaxy.
-More Action Menus. Galaxy Properties action menu and Code action menu now
contain menu items for Prev/Next Tab, Close Tab, Close All Tabs, Close All
Tabs Except Current.
-Strip out Developer Resources. "Save without Dev Resources" has been added
to Galaxy Projects mainstack menu, Galaxy Properties action menu and Galaxy
Scripts action menu.

Galaxy offers a complete Script Editor, Debugger and Dictionary for the
Runtime Revolution cross-platform development environment - effectively a
new integrated development environment for Revolution. Galaxy is available
exclusively for use with the Revolution engine and available in
configurations from the free Galaxy Free to Galaxy Studio at $96. The update
is free to all current users of Galaxy.

Runtime Revolution allows developers to code once and then deploy complete
applications on all four major operating systems: MacOS X Intel, MacOS X
PPC, Windows, Linux, Solaris. Revolution was the first non-Apple RAD tool to
allow development of Universal Binary applications. Revolution is available
in targeted configurations, from the $49 Revolution Media (with templates
common projects like kiosk building, presentations, game building) to the
Revolution Enterprise Super Bundle at $1599, which includes a developer seat
on every supported operating system, fast database tools, a report
generator, animation library, Galaxy Studio and the best selling Software at
the Speed of Thought Book by programming guru Dan Shafer.

Galaxy Studio and Revolution are available for immediate purchase and
download from the Runtime Revolution web store at

About Runtime Revolution

Founded in 1997, Runtime Revolution focuses on bringing user-centric
software development to all major platforms: Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and
Unix. The company is based in Edinburgh, Scotland. For more information on
Runtime Revolution, please visit the company on the web at

About Daniels & Mara

Austin, Texas-based Daniels & Mara is an ISV with over 25 years of
experience in custom and commercial software development, including notable
clients such as GE Aerospace, Nortel Networks and Apple Computer. Galaxy
from Daniels & Mara, is a powerful, advanced scripting editor with a highly
productive, tabbed interface and powerful debugger. Daniels & Mara is a
RevSelect vendor partner of Runtime Revolution. Read more about D&M at

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