the keys of myArray

jbv jbv.silences at
Fri Sep 8 11:01:40 EDT 2006

Hi Richard,

> There may be other ways to handle this, although if using the built-in
> sort command will do what you need it's reasonably efficient.  It's only
> one line of code -- was it causing a problem in your script?

it's not causing any problem in my script.

again, I was just wondering about any logic behind the keys order...
actually, there's only 1 situation I can imagine in which it could be
useful to know in advance in which order keys would be output :
in heavy math treatments with loops in which arrays values & keys
are needed for further processing, many lines of code (sort commands)
would be saved and scripts sped up significantly...

BTW here's a suggestion for a slight improvement of the "keys" function :
    get the numKeys of myArray  -->  outputs the keys in numeric order
    get the alphaKeys of myArray  -->  outputs the keys in alphabetic order


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