Protecting a StackRunner (or Player) stack

Klaus Major klaus at
Wed Sep 6 14:56:06 EDT 2006

Hi Rand,

>  Hi, all. I've been making some really fun language learning/teaching
> materials using Rev Studio 2.7.2 on my Mac running OS 10.4.7. I  
> greatly
> prefer to distribute my stuff (in other words, make it available to
> students) by just using StackRunner, rather than making  
> standalones, which
> always seems to entail untold headaches. But since my stacks are
> preliminary, I want to write an expiration date into them, e.g.,  
> one obvious
> way to do this is check the date in a preopenstack handler, and if  
> it's past
> a certain date, just cause the stack to quit. But is there any way to
> protect that preopenstack from prying eyes? Note that the students  
> interact
> with the stacks _a lot_, so I need the stacks to be totally  
> "editable" in
> the sense of being able to add data to text fields, click on  
> buttons and
> change settings, etc. So is there any easy way to protect a script?  
> Thanks.

maybe a simple password will do the trick? :-)

This way noone can see/edit the scripts.

> rand valentine


Klaus Major
klaus at

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