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I'd agree with a lot of what you say, but I think the solution is to dump
the wiki and keep the forums. Wikis are not in common, widespread usage and
although I love the little beasties, a lot of folks are just confused by
them. Plus, of course, they are apparently a lot easier to spam and deface
and therefore require more careful monitoring and maintenance.

What RR really needs to do, IMNSHO, is to make the list and the forums
essentially functionally equivalent. One should be able to post to the forum
via email (which I believe the tool they've chosen supports). Web Crossing,
which in my view is the finest cmmunity platform on the planet, makes it
possible to maintain exactly equivalent and parallel forums and mailing
lists, giving the best of both worlds. It's not that hard.

On 9/5/06, David Bovill <david at openpartnership.net> wrote:
> Prediction: the RunRev Forum will not be used.
> The list will continue to be used. The wiki will not be used. The list
> will be continued to be used. Neither the Forum or the Wiki offer
> anything compelling over the list. They could have but they do not.
> The forum is half way between a wiki and the list. The list is
> integrated with neither. The Rev IDE is integrated with neither. The
> Forum will dilute the wiki, and the wiki will dilute the Forum. Users
> will not know where to look for what. The Forum is not integrated with
> the Wiki. Functionally the whole thing is a mess with all the parts
> counteracting each other.
> Still in time - things will get around to being sorted. Either the
> Forum or the wiki will be dropped. Most likely the wiki - for the
> wrong reasons. Possibly both - not because these things do not work -
> but because they are executed badly without an understanding of
> community and motivational issues.
> My recommendation? Dump either the Forum or the wiki. I would
> recommend dumping the Forum. Make sure that whichever one is chosen
> integrates with the list. Either by changes to the wiki being posted
> to the list or something better. Next work with the community to
> ensure that "stuff gets published". The solution is not technical it
> is social.
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