Remote Desktop issues with RR

Roger.E.Eller at Roger.E.Eller at
Tue Sep 5 20:33:41 EDT 2006

> Roger.E.Eller at wrote:
>> I have confirmed that standalone apps created with Revolution (all
>> versions including 2.7.3) do not render the display correctly when 
>> Remote Desktop. All field backgrounds and most images turn completely
>> black.
>> The same behavior occurs when connected to a Windows PC using the free 
>> OS X client for Remote Desktop.

Jacqueline Landman Gay wrote:
> I was trying out Crossover the other day (the software that says it can
> run Windows apps on an Intel Mac) and it did the same thing. All the
> tool palette and toolbar icons were black. I thought it was Crossover's
> fault.
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It is interesting that you said "I thought it was Crossover's fault." When 
reading through the original bug report (#1076), it was implied that the 
fault was with another vendor. If apps created in Rev are the only apps 
behaving this way, I think it points to Rev.

I saw an ad for Crossover Mac. It looks pretty cool!  :-)  Was Rev the 
only app that turned black in Crossover?

Roger Eller <roger.e.eller at>

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