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Viktoras Didziulis viktoras at ekoinf.net
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Many thanks, Scot! 
It helped! 
Best regards 
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Subject: Re: eye-candy GUI design 
Recently, Viktoras Didziulis wrote: 
> do there exist any online resources or books (not necessarily for RR) with

> reusable examples of ways to organize GUI elements and graphical
> to get "eye candy" impression for desktop software ? Something similar to 
> yearly issues of "Web design index by context". I am in desperate need of 
> some inspiration :-) 
Maybe you've already seen this, but if you're looking for examples of 
alternative UI design, you might try here: 
Chipp Walters has some good stuff too at his site: 
And Tereza Snyder has some examples in the portfolio section of her site: 
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