Communicate with stepper motors?

Bridger Maxwell bridgeyman at
Fri Sep 1 00:04:51 EDT 2006

  I have been working with the BASIC stamp from Parallax.  It is a micro
controller and can control a few I/O switches.  The language that you
program in is called PBASIC.  It is a simplified version of the BASIC
language that the stamp understands and has a few commands that are
specifically made for the micro controller.  Maybe this is what your friend
was talking about.  So far I have been using the Parallax BASIC editor to
make and load programs to the stamp, but once it has the program is has been
EXTREMELY easy to talk to the stamp with Revolution via COM ports and give
it parameters that it has been programmed to wait for, such as a position
for a stepper motor.  It may even be possible to write a program that will
compile script and load it to the stamp, I haven't tried though.  Just
another option that you might want to look at.  This process is pretty easy
to do (I am 15 and I have handled it so it can't be that terribly difficult)
and has a lot of potential for controlling custom devices.


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