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Derek Bump list at
Tue Oct 31 22:59:50 EST 2006

Alright, I added the Enhancement Request #3940.  Just don't mock me over 
my amazingly poor writing skills.  I'd like to put "Because it would be 
really cool!", but I felt I had to justify the request.

So, if you want a Browser Control, then vote for bug 3940, and add your 
own two cents if you feel like it:

Derek Bump
Dreamscape Software

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Bill Marriott wrote:
> By all means enter this feature request into the system and let us know the 
> link so we can "vote" for it. It's been discussed on the list before with 
> great passion, but I don't think it's made its way into BugZilla, and I 
> don't think anyone's working on it as a 3rd-party product.
> "Derek Bump" <list at> wrote 
> in message news:45480C53.1000006 at
>> I just tried searching Bugzilla for anything related to an enhancement 
>> request for a Web Browser Plugin that would allow Revolution Projects to be 
>> viewed within Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and any other browser out 
>> there.  Sadly, I didn't see anything.
>> Has anyone requested this type of enhancement before?  If not, is this 
>> something to request, or is there some genius programmer out there already 
>> working on something like this?
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