Revolution Web Browser Plugin

Bill Marriott wjm at
Tue Oct 31 22:12:27 EST 2006

By all means enter this feature request into the system and let us know the 
link so we can "vote" for it. It's been discussed on the list before with 
great passion, but I don't think it's made its way into BugZilla, and I 
don't think anyone's working on it as a 3rd-party product.

"Derek Bump" <list at> wrote 
in message news:45480C53.1000006 at
>I just tried searching Bugzilla for anything related to an enhancement 
>request for a Web Browser Plugin that would allow Revolution Projects to be 
>viewed within Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and any other browser out 
>there.  Sadly, I didn't see anything.
> Has anyone requested this type of enhancement before?  If not, is this 
> something to request, or is there some genius programmer out there already 
> working on something like this?

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