Are there any arrow buttons?

Bill Marriott wjm at
Tue Oct 31 15:41:50 EST 2006


>> You're probably not the only one experiencing it, just the only one 
>> taking the time to write about it.
> I don't think so. So far, no one else has been able to reproduce the 
> problem. I have never seen the problem either, and I use an awful lot of 
> background groups in my work.

The use-rev list is far short of the universe of Rev users (at least I hope 
so). As you know, I've encountered problems that other people seemingly 
haven't encountered, either. But I'm sure they're real. It might be the 
combination of 2.7.3 and the OS/hardware he's using. Video driver, default 
setting of some obscure global preference, who knows what. From my 17 years 
of working with end users I've learned "where there's smoke, there's fire." 
It takes a generous end-user and encouragement from the company to find out 
where the spark is.

>> Anyway, the "recipe" you posted earlier seems to be 100% reproducible --  
>> which is always good -- so they ought to work with you to find out the 
>> cause of the problem.
> The user is new, and may not fully understand how background groups work 
> or what to do to enable their behavior.

Except his click-by-click steps were exactly correct for setting the group 
to be a background. If those steps fail, there is a problem NOT between the 
keyboard and chair. If it were my company's product I'd be annoyed as heck 
until I figured out what the cause was.

I hope someone gets him Rev 2.7.4, and perhaps 2.6.1, and that he is willing 
to take the time/effort to help track down this issue.

>> I do the following:
>> 1. File menu, New Mainstack.
>> 2. Drag a button to the card.
>> 3. The button is selected, Cmd G, to group.
>> 4. right click  (or control click -Property inspector from menu).
>> 5. Click the "Behave like a background" button."
>> 6. Click the Close button in the upper left corner of the Property
>> Inspector.
>> 7. From the Object menu, select "New Card"
>> Result: Button doesn't show as background button.

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