Application suspending after a window closes in 2.7.x

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Tue Oct 31 11:32:04 EST 2006

Chipp Walters wrote:
> BTW, this one is super easy to replicate:
> Launch Rev 2.7.x
> Create a new stack
> add a button
> close the stack by clicking the X button upper right in the titlebar
> Rev asks you if you want to save, say "Don't Save"
> Revolution is now suspended and another app comes to the forefront.
> If anyone has a fix, let me know.

Could this be related to the new "raiseWindows" property? From the 
What's New file:

the raiseWindows

There is a new global property 'raiseWindows'. When set a Revolution
application's windows will move as one as if there were a backdrop set.

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