Are there any arrow buttons?

Bill Marriott wjm at
Tue Oct 31 11:30:07 EST 2006

You're probably not the only one experiencing it, just the only one taking 
the time to write about it. There have been a lot of issues with the 2.7.x 
series, so having the latest update is important. Writing support isn't the 
same as filing a bug... and if your license doesn't allow for the update 
then you can lobby support to make sure you get it for free.

Anyway, the "recipe" you posted earlier seems to be 100% reproducible --  
which is always good -- so they ought to work with you to find out the cause 
of the problem.

I would just forward the post with the steps you followed to support (at) and see how they come through on this.

"James Z" <jazu at> wrote in message 
news:C16C7503.22C%jazu at
> Its the version that was available when I ordered rev.  I don't want to
> report a bug if I'm the only one experiencing it.
> On 10/31/06 1:06 AM, "Bill Marriott" <wjm at> 
> wrote:
>> Does your license enable you to use 2.7.4? This is probably something you
>> should write support about because groups and backgrounds are a pretty
>> essential/core feature.
>> "James Z" <jazu at> wrote in message
>> news:C16C4EDA.21B%jazu at
>>> Hi Mark,
>>> Yes quit and restart revolution. Using factory clean download, no 
>>> plugins.
>>> I guess I'll have forget about background buttons. Maybe I'll reinstall
>>> Rev.

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