Rules governing stack purging

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Oct 31 10:59:33 EST 2006

Jerry Daniels wrote:
> Any reference to any object in a stack (or the stack itself) that  
> includes its file path name (the long name, the long id) will place  
> it in memory. You might consider that. We had that bite us several  
> times with Constellation and Galaxy in managing our tabs for objects.

That this would be the case with stacks whose destroyStack property is 
FALSE makes sense, but when a stack's destroyStack is TRUE this is 
inconsistent with other behaviors we've come to expect from the engine.

Given that this has caused confusion for yourself, Jacque, Ken, myself, 
and other experienced Rev programmers, it seems reasonable to request 
that the destroyStack property be honored consistently, which I've done 
in BZ#3937:


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