Stack purging - and other bugs

Dave dave at
Tue Oct 31 10:21:54 EST 2006

Hi All,

Yeah, and plenty of new stuff being added all the time, all with  
their own real and potential bugs.

One thing I thought of dong was to get as many people as possible to  
vote for just one bug and no others, this would drive the vote count  
way up on that one bug, would be hard not to fix *something* then!  
Then just repeat the process on the next bug!

What do you think?????


On 30 Oct 2006, at 23:04, SimPLsol at wrote:

> Richard,
> I voted for bug 3932 - but I'm not optimistic.
> I voted for bug 1072 as well - ages ago - and nothing happened.
> Lots of votes - over lots of years - little action.
> Bugzilla seems to be a black hole into which votes go and out of which
> nothing comes.
> Paul Looney
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