[ANN] Quicktime Issues Wiki Opened

Sivakatirswami katir at hindu.org
Tue Oct 31 05:34:52 EST 2006

To follow through on Stephan's proposal:

"I'm acquainted with a person in high management of Quicktime at Apple.
If someone can gather all the complaints and needs in one document
point-by-point, I can make sure he's aware of your concerns...."

I have created a Wiki where we hope Revolution developers who
would like to what see Apple take Quicktime to the "next level" will
enter their specific issues. On one page we hope to create together,
the "one document point-by-point"


The wiki is read only for the world and editable by those who have a
password. If you would like to participate, email me off list for the
password. Note that

a) Stephan does know a real person at Apple
b) Kauai's Hindu Monastery is well known at Apple

So this is more than just a "shot in the dark."  Please!
if you have any interest in Rev/QT moving forward,  help
by participating. Trevor, you would be an obvious one
to contribute. Run Rev Engineer's: obviously we hope you will
post your concerns, unless of course you already have
an inside channel to Apple's Quicktime team.

Note that, obviously,  this is for issues that Apple must fix, though
possibly it will be hard to distinquish if it is something Revolution
engineers  need to fix, in which case, just go for it:
post your problem-wish list...  either way, this will be a good place
to consolidate the issues.

Om shanti


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