RE Loading a button with Time

John Craig jc at
Tue Oct 31 04:07:11 EST 2006

Stinky?  Hehe.  Thanks Dave, but you should check Eric Chatonet's reply 
- a more elegant funtion using the 'short time'.  It's so damn clean, 
I'm sure he must have been wearing rubber gloves as he wrote it!

Dave Herndon wrote:
> WOW !  John Craig's script made mine look STINKY !!  I made a couple changes to it to suit my needs.  It now formats the contents to load dirrectly into a cascading style pull down button so it is easy to select the time you want.  I reformated the script to span 24 hours and maintain a military 0800 style format.  This will make it easy to quickly change the increments.  Some agencies round to the quarter hour and others to the 5 or 10 minute mark so very cool.  Thanks John !  Here is the revised script. Uses three fields to spec the operation and a pull down menu button which gets loaded with 288 lines of time increments spanning from 0000 to 2400 hrs . 

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