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Mon Oct 30 19:07:59 EST 2006

This sounds like something I once got in trouble for doing in the 5th
grade (namely, compile a dictionary of swear words).

My teachers were not amused...

Seriously, though, somebody's actually written a book on the subject:

_The Anatomy of Swearing_  M. F. Ashley Montagu (1967).

_Why We Curse: A Neuro-psycho-social Theory of Speech_ Timothy Jay (1999).


On Sat, 28 Oct 2006, Richmond Mathewson wrote:

> This might sound daft, BUT:
> It might not be a bad thing (especially for the
> benefit of non-native speakers of English) if a list
> of rude words were drawn up and made available to RR
> developers: a guide to words best eschewed in code.
> To back this up we only need to consider the recent
> misunderstanding about the word "bo****ks". On the
> web-site referred to at the start of this thread there
> was another word - "wa**er" - which, as far as I know
> is a Briticism and may be misunderstood by North
> Americans.
> I am perfectly prepared to offer a list of incredibly
> foul Scots words :)
> At present I have a "little job" cleaning up the
> website of a Russian type of Linux - the developers
> have tried to be "cool" in English, and, owing to the
> very simple fact that they are not native speakers and
> have had little or no contact with "living English",
> have only managed to sound both infantile and coarse.
> As English becomes, like it or not, the language of
> programming and the web, this will be an increasing
> problem.
> sincerely, Richmond Mathewson
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