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Scott Rossi scott at
Mon Oct 30 14:53:58 EST 2006

Recently, Richmond Mathewson wrote:

> Backgrounds in RR are not at all the same thing as
> backgrounds in the dearly departed HC - and I eschew
> them as being more trouble than they are worth.

You simply need to learn how to use them.  They are actually less trouble
and worth more than the background behavior in Hypercard ever was.

It may be that the term "background" is confusing for you.  It was for me
when I came to MetaCard from SuperCard.  It might help to think of a
background not as a layer that sits behind of everything on a card, but as a
group that can be shared across cards, and can be placed on a lower layer
across cards.

This behavior is a fundamental Revolution behavior -- you really should
learn to harness its power rather than dismissing it as too much trouble.


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