Are there any arrow buttons?

Bill Marriott wjm at
Mon Oct 30 08:33:19 EST 2006

James Z asked...

> One more question... How do I put a button in the background so
> each card has the same button?

Richmond Mathewson suggested...

> I just copy-paste the same button containing the same
> script and the same icon reference to wherever I want
> it to appear.

You're joking, right? Copying an object to multiple cards is a great way to 
ensure that down the road you'll have headaches to move said button to a new 
position, change its appearance, or update the script of that button. It's 
just more work all around, even in terms of sheer keystrokes/mouse clicks to 
set it up. Not to mention senselessly wasting memory and making the stack 

No, the answer is simply to group the button (along with any other 
persistent element in your UI) and set the group to "Behave like a 
Background" in the object inspector. 

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