Are there any arrow buttons?

Marielle Lange mlange at
Mon Oct 30 07:40:45 EST 2006

> I just copy-paste the same button containing the same
> script and the same icon reference to wherever I want
> it to appear.

A word of caution here.

Though the use backgroundbehavior is a much safer option, the  
technique given here works perfectly fine for the use being described  
here, to copy and paste *buttons* on other cards.

Given what the  good old metacard arrows look like, I suspect that  
one day or another you will want to replace them with better looking  
options. Note however that if you use this technique for buttons that  
are in fact images that you have designed with photoshop (or  
whatever)...  you may be up to very bad surprises. When I wrote my  
first application, I got everything fine on my own computer... then  
when I shared it with others I rapidly got to learn that they  
couldn't get to see the nice looking buttons I had lovingly designed.  
In fact not that rapidly. It was only a few weeks later than I got a  
kind user let me know that he couldn't see any button on the screen  
(the other users simply gave up.... there was no way for them to know  
they couldn't see buttons as they were none on the screen).

To copy and paste *images* is dangerous.... a good strategy with  
image is the one that Eric posted on this list recently. Put all  
images in a "pix" (for picture) card or substack. Create a  
transparent button. Set the icon id of the button to the id of the  
image. Then you can safely cut and paste images wherever you want.


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