Activating a Function in a Different Stack

Mark Smith mark at
Sun Oct 29 12:01:38 EST 2006

The only really convenient way to use functions in other stacks is to  
put those other stacks 'in use', so that their scripts are in the  
message path.

I'm not very clear on which stack is requesting what from where, but  
it sounds like you're loading a stack into a local machines memory  
from a remote server - so this should be possible.



On 29 Oct 2006, at 17:49, Bridger Maxwell wrote:

> Hey,
>  Is it possible to activate a function that resides in one stack,  
> and get
> the result from a different stack?  Right now I have it set up so  
> that Stack
> A gets a request for info from stack B over the Internet.  Lets  
> pretend that
> the request is "the background color of this stack".  It puts that  
> into a
> variable called vWhat.  Then it executes do ("get" && vWhat && "of  
> Stack
> B").  Then Stack A returns the data over the Internet.  This works  
> well for
> requesting properties, but I can't get it to activate a function  
> and put the
> result in the it variable.  Is it even possible?  Is there a "send"
> equivalent for functions?
>   TTFN
>     Bridger
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