App integration - anyone done this?

Henk van der Velden henk at
Sat Oct 28 14:50:56 EDT 2006

Hi James,

are you aware of altBrowser, which lets you display web pages in RR?  
To a certain level you can interact with these pages, too. It uses  
the image element to display web pages.

On the other hand there is the possibility of having QuickTime play  
Flash files. The enhancedQT external of Trevor deVore gives some  
possibilities to interact with Flash / Actionscript.

Kind regards,

Henk v.d. Velden
iGlow Media
Magda Janssenslaan 36

0031 (0)6 16 024 337

On 28-okt-2006, at 19:02, use-revolution-request at wrote:

> Does anyone have much experience with integrating RR with other  
> major applications,
> such as Flash/Actionscript or Javascript/HTML/XML?
> While it seems that external functions can be called, it looks like  
> use of these other apps
> would require containing it within a subset of the view area, like  
> it is a distinct media element,
> or am I mistaken?
> I guess it comes down to embedding different file types into the RR  
> app, or not?
> Thanks much.
> James Goss

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