[OT] more stinkin s p a m

Martin Baxter mb.userev at harbourhosting.co.uk
Sat Oct 28 08:37:07 EDT 2006

Hi Bill,

When I say "harvested" I'm not using the word in any technical or 
specific sense, I just mean that a spammer is getting my list email 
address somehow, I make no assumption about the mechanism involved.

The email address in question is 10 days old and has never been used 
outside of this list.


Bill Marriott wrote:
> I'm not so sure someone is harvesting the list. I use a very specific 
> address for posting here (runrev at ...) and the only messages I receive at 
> the alias are from the list and RunRev itself. Granted, I've been using 
> gmane for the past several months, and that obscures my address, but there 
> have been enough posts prior to that to have been harvested by now.
> There is also the possibility that Mark hints at below (I think?) that 
> someone who has your email in their address book has had their system 
> compromised. Most spam is sent these days via "zombies" -- computers that 
> have been infected by a virus/trojan/worm. The malware installs silently, 
> harvests your various contacts lists, and even sends out email via your mail 
> server.
> Mark Schonewille wrote:
>> Your e-mail address sits on hundreds if not thousands of computers,  as 
>> soon as you send an e-mail to this list. Everybody on this list  receives 
>> spam with a certainty of 100%, unless the person has a very  good spam 
>> filter installed.
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