bugzillas 1696, 3385 never was a bug

MisterX b.xavier at internet.lu
Fri Oct 27 16:47:01 EDT 2006

Dear Richard...

While looking for a ridiculous bugzilla to relate on, I saw bug 3385 and
subsequently 1696...

This is a pretty easy and straightforward issue to solve and works great
with even 1500 objects in a group!

Im surprised it's still unconfirmed since i had that running last year in
one of my freely available libraries. Makes you wonder how many care to help
make this a better xtalk evironment rather than a showcase of media

Before I start doing the colbert report on runrev or worse my Corporate
Jeremy Clarkson on rev's marketing designs and politics I'll stick to just
solving yet another case for them...

Put the script below next line into the script of the group of the stack
with the group that needs scrolling

set the vscroll of that group to true (didn't try without a scrollbar for
visual clue and GUI friendliness principles)

Here's the group's script

on rawkeydown w

put the rect of thisgroup into s1

put the vscroll of me into s

if w is 65309 then

if s <= Cscrollvalue then 

set the scroll of me to 0


set the scroll of me to s - Cscrollvalue

end if

else if w is 65308 then

if s + Cscrollvalue >= s1 then 

set the scroll of me to s1


set the scroll of me to s + Cscrollvalue

end if

end if

pass rawkeydown -- may not be required or desired on non-opaque/disabled
groups but can be essential too for libraries that handle this automatically

end rawkeydown


Don't forget to handle scrolling and selection update issues with
window/group/pane resizing and stack opening, hiding scrollbars when
pane-area is less than the height of the group, etc... sorry, can't help
thinking taoo addons for xtalk-based contract programming designs :)

Sorry about the script formating, copy-pasted from runrev's script editor. 

Happy Halloween! 

BTW this tip works great also for double/x-columns field layouts in a group
to simulate in-frame scrollable elements... Use the pass rawkeydown so that
in-group scrollable elements can grab the scrolling event too...

rawkeydown baby!
If you want less bugs, you got to have more at some point!
I shouldn't write to this mailist but I just got the bollocks!

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