Standalone app as Frankensteinian Monster

Mark MacKenzie m.mackenzie at
Fri Oct 27 10:08:06 EDT 2006

Hi Ken.  Thanks, however, upon trying this, the d**n thing still won't 
die.  I think I shall have to strip all (mainly) development functions 
out of the main stack/splash screen and start again with the stand alone.

Let you know how things turn out with this evening's coding.  So close, 
so far, so frustrating.

Kindest regards to you and the list.

Mark MacKenzie
Past Ink Publishing

Ken Ray wrote:
> On 10/26/06 8:48 PM, "Mark MacKenzie" <m.mackenzie at> wrote:

> snip
> Try this:
> on closeStackRequest -- confirm whether to close the window
>   answer question "Are you sure you want to quit the entire program?"
> with "Yes" or "No"
>   if it is "Yes"
>   then
>     lock messages    -- Added line
>     quit
>   end if
> end closeStackRequest
> My bet is there's some message firing off during closing that's not getting
> handled and so it is interrupting normal quitting operations.
> Ken Ray
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