Does a day start at 1:00 AM everwhere?

Mark Powell mark_powell at
Fri Oct 27 08:52:43 EDT 2006

I have a user-specified date.  I want to convert it to seconds and
factor in 86400 to establish the range of seconds for that date, so that
I can compare a file's creation date to determine whether that file was
created on that specified day.  The problem is I am not sure what is
used as the starting point for a date's seconds counter.  At 6:42 this
morning, I ran this:

  put the short date into theDate
  convert theDate to seconds
  put ((the seconds - theDate) / 3600)

and got 4.710556, which suggests that a date starts at 1:00 AM and not
midnight.  Is this accurate?  And more importantly, is this the way the
computation would be handled on any client machine anywhere?


Mark Powell

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