can't play audio

Claire Bradin Siskin cbsiskin+ at
Fri Oct 27 08:19:58 EDT 2006

Jacqueline Landman Gay  said

>  Whether or not you use MIDI doesn't matter. The Audio MIDI Setup 
>  app is just a way to control the system audio settings. Every time 
>  I use Audacity I have to reset the audio levels again before Rev 
>  will play sounds.

She was correct in diagnosing my problem, and in fact I had been 
using Audacity immediately before the audio in Rev stopped working! 
Thanks, Jacque! I should have realized this because in my lab we have 
an Applescript that re-sets the Audio MIDI setup automatically.

Mark Swindell is right that we need a solution for this from within a 

I'm doing a presentation about Rev at a teacher's conference this 
weekend, and I'll surely mention that a listmember offered a solution 
to my problem in 23 minutes! :-)

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Robert Henderson Language Media Center
University of Pittsburgh
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