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Re: card rect problem

Peter Brigham wrote:

I can't figure out what could make the
card height different from the stack height. I can't set the height of
the card to fix it.

I can't think of much either, but since you are working on a laptop,
check the windowBoundingRect property. You may have to set that to a
larger size to accomodate a window that goes offscreen.

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As near as I can see from the rev docs, this should only affect what  
happens when the stack opens.The docs say:

"Users can drag or resize windows to extend outside the  
windowBoundingRect, and a handler can move or resize a window so that  
it's outside the windowBoundingRect. This property constrains the  
default position of windows when they open or zoom, but does not  
prevent them from being manually resized or repositioned."

But... who knows???

-- Peter

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