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J. Landman Gay jacque at
Thu Oct 26 23:10:33 EDT 2006

Claire Bradin Siskin wrote:
> I can no longer play audio with Rev 2.74 or 2.61 on my MacBook Pro. My 
> operating system is 10.4.8.  All other applications on my computer are 
> playing audio correctly.
> So far, we have tried re-installing Rev 2.74, discarding preferences, 
> repairing permissions, and  clearing caches.
> Any suggestions for restoring the audio play function would be much 
> appreciated.
> Regards, Claire

The fix is probably the same one Luis posted recently for someone else's 
audio problem. Do this: Audio MIDI setup (Applications/Utilities/Audio MIDI 
and check the Audio settings.
2. Change the Audio Output setting to 44100.0Hz
3. Quit Audio MIDI Setup.

Some applications reset the sound level to a very high Hz that many 
other apps can't handle.  Those applications that can use these 
unnaturally high levels continue to work, but others don't.

Whether or not you use MIDI doesn't matter. The Audio MIDI Setup app is 
just a way to control the system audio settings. Every time I use 
Audacity I have to reset the audio levels again before Rev will play sounds.

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