Dar Scott dsc at
Thu Oct 26 17:58:22 EDT 2006

On Oct 25, 2006, at 11:12 PM, J. Landman Gay wrote:

> Better be careful what you put in your scripts:

I would hope that my comments in delivered scripts help in the use  
and maintenance of the script and is free of offense and hurt, free  
of any indication or misreading that I intend to hurt others (through  
offense or otherwise) or identify with those who do, free of any  
indication that the scripts are malware.

I fully recognize that some are offended by the use of some words and  
respect that.  Indeed, I am offended at times myself, especially by  
profane crudity or statist talk.  Yet, I might use words in  
describing a script, such as "environment", "market", "bid", "bet",  
"trade", "privileged", "stasis", "govern", "evolve", "destroy",  
"clone", "union", "reproduce", "fidelity", "license", "free",  
"constrained", "must", "bind", "advise", "terminate", "close",  
"stealth", "reject", "mutate", "save", "master", "daughter", "pure",  
"strict", "container", "box" or "prune", that might offend some  
person, but the use of those words are not intended to offend.


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