Klaus Major klaus at
Thu Oct 26 17:06:34 EDT 2006

Hi Richard,

> Klaus,
> Just did a test on an older G4 IBook we have using the latest  
> version of Rev Enterprise, OS 10.3.9, and Quicktime 6.5.2. Both  
> functions worked perfectly. No problem saving and recalling video  
> settings (from binary files) or switching between two firewire  
> cameras (Unibrain Fire-I cameras).

Thank you for testing this!

Hmmm, I downloaded Malte Brill's "uGrabIt" (Videograbber) shareware,
and that did not load settings either on all of my testing machines:
G4, MacBook(Intel) and 17" Powebook G4, all with OS X 10.4.8 and QT  

But this worked in earlier versions, I know!
(Otherwise wouldn't have sold a single unit of his nice shareware ;-)

So since I have QT 7.1.3, maybe Apple changed something here?

> Richard


Klaus Major
klaus at

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