Standalone app as Frankensteinian Monster

Mark MacKenzie mmackenzie at
Thu Oct 26 16:34:52 EDT 2006

I tried stripping things down to this script.  Then after that wouldn't work
I inserted a script to cancel pending messages, still no good.

That leaves, in my mind, the question of running externals.  Would having an
opend connection to an sQL database through the alt3SQL dll cause this hang?

I tried inserting another script which closed this connection but on second
thought didn't check for more than one connection.  I wonder how to do that?

Thank you Dar and Mark for your help so far however, Frankenstein's creation
(application) still lives.  No poblems in quitting out while in the
development environment.  By the way I am using Version 2.5.1 on Windows XP.
Currently there is no way I can upgrade to the current version so must make
this work in what I have.


Mark MacKenzie
Past Ink Publishing

> From: FlexibleLearning at
> Reply-To: How to use Revolution <use-revolution at>
> Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2006 14:31:01 EDT
> To: use-revolution at
> Subject: Re: Standalone app as Frankensteinian Monster
> Hi Mark
> Well, it looks like you are doing a lot of unnecessary stuff. If you want  to
> 'quit', all pendingMessages will terminate and all stacks will close
> automatically. If I read you right you need you only need...
> on closeStackRequest -- confirm whether to close the window
> answer question "Are you sure you want to quit the entire program?" with
> "Yes"  or "No"
> if it is "No" then exit closeStackrequest
> if "ReloadingPrefs" is among the lines of the openStacks then
> save stack  "ExtraFiles/ReloadingPrefs.rev"
> close stack  "ExtraFiles/ReloadingPrefs.rev"
> end if
> pass closeStackrequest
> end closeStackrequest
> Or am I missing something obvious here?
> /H

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