Standalone app as Frankensteinian Monster

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Thu Oct 26 14:47:49 EDT 2006

Hi Hugh,

On Windows, you need to cancel pending messages, close all stack,  
stop externals and stop running handlers to make sure that your  
application really quits.




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Op 26-okt-2006, om 20:31 heeft FlexibleLearning at het volgende  

> Hi Mark
> Well, it looks like you are doing a lot of unnecessary stuff. If  
> you want  to
> 'quit', all pendingMessages will terminate and all stacks will close
> automatically. If I read you right you need you only need...
> on closeStackRequest -- confirm whether to close the window
> answer question "Are you sure you want to quit the entire program?"  
> with
> "Yes"  or "No"
> if it is "No" then exit closeStackrequest
>   if "ReloadingPrefs" is among the lines of the openStacks then
>     save stack  "ExtraFiles/ReloadingPrefs.rev"
> close stack  "ExtraFiles/ReloadingPrefs.rev"
>   end if
>   pass closeStackrequest
> end closeStackrequest
> Or am I missing something obvious here?

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