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Klaus Major klaus at
Thu Oct 26 09:29:04 EDT 2006

Hi Viktoras,

>  Hi,
> it is a very simple html (only p and img tags) page. However when I  
> try to
> display it in a field as htmlText, images and text start a "crazy  
> dance" and
> appear either at the very top of the field where only half of any  
> image is
> visible or in places they should not be at all. Seems that position  
> of image
> tags have no influence on actual position of an image.  Is there a  
> way to
> handle this, maybe I have bad field settings, what else can cause  
> this sort
> of weird behavior ?...
> What I need is an ordinary  text paragraphs followed by images to  
> appear in
> correct order in the text field.

try setting the "fixed line height" of that field to false.
That may ease your pain, at least a bit :-)

> Viktoras


Klaus Major
klaus at

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