Quicktime Multimedia Authoring - Nearly Dead?

Trevor DeVore lists at mangomultimedia.com
Wed Oct 25 19:54:29 EDT 2006

On Oct 25, 2006, at 4:21 PM, GregSmith wrote:

> If interactive QuickTime authoring is ever going to make a  
> comeback, it will
> have to be able to be friendlier than authoring in Flash, but just as
> interactive.

Looking at QuickTime's history I think it is clear that they aren't  
competing in the all-in-one category.  QuickTime is an architecture  
that enhances the playback environment, be in browser or desktop  
application.  For example, QT 7 added much more comprehensive support  
for scripting within the browser.  Now the browser coupled with  
QuickTime can accomplish more than before.

It appears that QuickTime had to let some aspects of the architecture  
slide while they overhauled the audio/video for QuickTime 7.  That  
was no small undertaking given the age of QuickTime.

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