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Wed Oct 25 18:56:27 EDT 2006

Mark Schonewille wrote:
> Hi Jacque,
> This sounds like a typical memory shortage problem. I'd ask the user 
> about memory, free disk space, and the amount of icons in the lower 
> right corner, if this is on a PC.
> Additionally, the screen may stop being redrawn if there is a repeat 
> loop running with messages or if a wait command has been issued with 
> messages.
> You can probably easily work around the problem by using a repeat loop 
> and setting the loc of the object to the mouseloc. This way, the two 
> problems mentioned above will not occur.

Thanks. No loops or waits are in the scripts. It's really only a 
one-line "grab" command. However, I just sent him a revised staack that 
replaced "grab" with a repeat loop that sets the button to the mouseloc. 
That has the same symptoms; it doesn't work for him either. The odd 
thing is, some other butttons with exactly the same script do work for 
him. So it is intermittent.

He is running OS X with a gig of RAM, and Activity Monitor says he has 
513 megs free. That's more RAM than I have, so there must be something 
else going on. Besides not updating during a drag, he reports now that 
when he clicks a button that changes an icon, sometimes the icon doesn't 
change. But when he leaves the card and returns, the changed icon shows 
up. These buttons also all work okay for me on both Windows and Mac.

We are going to assume there is something wrong with his Mac unless 
anyone else has any ideas? I've never seen behavior like this, and I 
can't reproduce it here. Graphics card problem, maybe?

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