Quicktime Multimedia Authoring - Nearly Dead?

Dan Shafer revolutionary.dan at gmail.com
Wed Oct 25 14:48:52 EDT 2006

Same issue for me, Bill. But I think the Palm Treo folks need to pony up on
this one and support the clearly winning standard Flash stuff soon. It's
clearly feasible; the Sony Clie folks have done it. (

On 10/25/06, Bill Marriott <wjm at wjm.org> wrote:
> Unfortunately, Flash is not available for Palm OS, so all those video
> sites
> are unavailable to me when the closest "PC" is my Treo 700p. My phone
> handles QuickTime, MPEG and AVI/WMV just great. I still get a kick using
> Orb
> to tune into my Windows Media Center PC at home and watch live digital
> cable
> TV from anywhere.
> And of course, Flash is not natively supported in Rev. The altBrowser
> plugin
> is great... but on Windows, I don't think you can eliminate the border
> around embedded web pages. So that precludes a more "integrated"
> look-and-feel where you could incorporate tiny Flash movies as buttons,
> etc.
> Dan Shafer wrote
> > It appears that most of the popular public video sites are using Flash
> > movie
> > format. I find this interesting. When I visit a site that doesn't use
> > Flash,
> > my Web browser (Firefox on Mac) often has trouble displaying the movies.
> > But
> > those that use Flash play perfectly every time. Maybe that's the reason.
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