Multiple arguments with the filter command

Mark Powell mark_powell at
Wed Oct 25 12:04:29 EDT 2006

Another text filtering question, please.  I have studied the archives
but have not found precisely the solution that works.  

I have a container vContainer of file names, each line of the form 


Here are three literal examples:

  C:/The World/Asia/!?!!/1026/1115309596
  C:/The World/Europe/!?!Map of Europe.jpg!/3536844/1155845730
  C:/The World/!?!About1953.txt!/4288/1161776573

User-input text strings can define what files from vContainer are to be
retained. The following works to filter-in the first example above:

  filter vContainer with ("*!*.ps*!*")

However, if the user wants both ".ps" and "Europe" to be retained, how
best to do it without repeat loops and a lot of temporary copies of
vContainer?  Is there a way?

One catch is that if the user inputs something like "53", the operation
must recognize the fact that the "53" in the first two examples is not a
part of the file name, thereby filtering them out, but that "53" is a
part of the file name in the third example, thereby filtering it in.
This is one reason for the exclamation point tokens in vContainer.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

Mark Powell

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