Getting IP Address of Machine that is Currently Running the Stack

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Wed Oct 25 10:35:41 EDT 2006

There are several ways to get your IP address, depending on which  
address you need. One possibility is this one-liner:"

   put char 1 to -9 of (last word of line ¬
   lineoffset("<title>",url "") ¬
   of url "")

Probably you want to split up this line, to get the url first and  
then the ip. Of course, it is much easier, if you have a good cgi  
available. I put one up at  
which returns nothing but your public ip address. You can use this  
URL as long as Memebot doesn't complain about bandwidth usage, but  
you should install a cgi on your own server if possible.

Use the following script to get the public IP address in Revolution:

   put url ""

You can get your LAN IP address with the following script:

   put hostnametoaddress(the hostname)

and the local IP address of your machine with

   put hostnametoaddress("localhost")




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Op 25-okt-2006, om 15:09 heeft Dave het volgende geschreven:

> Hi All,
> How can I get the IP address of the machine that a stack is running  
> on?
> Thanks a lot
> All the Best
> Dave

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