Resizable stack with a custom shape

Claudi Cornaz claudi.c at
Wed Oct 25 04:47:15 EDT 2006

Hi Derek,

I am currently working with windows with emty decorations. (I create my 
own titelbar) Resizing then surely looks ugly
when growing a stack. (the stack resizes but the "grown", "newly 
exposed parts" are first seen as white and then
later get the backcolor)
By the way this always happen if liveResizing is off. (lock screen 
doesn't help, it's in the engin I guess)

So I am sure interested in the external you mentioned and I dowloaded 
the externals stack.
Unfortunatly I couldn't find the external for resizing in it.
If you have the external and a example I would really appreciate it.

I have done some tests with resizing with a custom shape for the window.
Besides the darned flashing when you grow a window and some sluggishness
It worked more or less. (this was some time ago so I don't remember 
all the problems.) I used a img in a hidden stack which I resized first 
to the
right size and then set the windowshape again for my main window
(something like that. I remember ditching it at the time since the 
whole stack slowed down
I mean every script became slower, which I never quite understood.)

For what I am developing resizable custom shaped windows are actualy
the most preffered way and I will certainly try it again. So anything 
which will help me
on my way is very, very appreciated.
Anything that would improve resizing with liveResizing off, surely is 
already a big help.

Best wishes

On 24-okt-06, at 01:28, Derek Bump wrote:

> Bill,
> I encountered the same issue as you a while back, but with a different 
> question.  How does one use a custom windowshape and still keep the 
> taskBar button visible (cause rev won't let ya!)?
> The answer to our questions was use an external to draw the 
> windowshape.  Now at this point it doesn't support 
> alpha-transparency... but it does support resizeable rounded-rectangle 
> windows.
> The now defunct Externals Collection has a command that allows you to 
> pick a custom windowshape.  Combine that with a resize stack button 
> (like the one available within the Objects Library) and you get a 
> resizeable window with a round rectangle.
> The download site is located:
> If you have any questions on how to accomplish this, let me know.
> Derek Bump
> Dreamscape Software
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