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> On a related note, this app frequently needs to swap printers as it
> prints labels on the Dymo printer and reports on a laser printer. This
> is a real pain for the users as Rev has no way of storing & setting
> page setups or printer preferences. I have to ask them to do Page
> setup every time they print! If this is  also a problem for you,
> please consider voting for Bug #1619
> <>

You did not indicate a platform, but if it is OSX, then Applescript may be
the way to go.
Check out

For example, the following script prints three copies of the second page of
a document to the printer "Prints Charming" after showing the Print dialog.

set theDoc to alias "Macintosh HD:ReadMe"
set printConfig to {copies:3, starting page:2, ending page:2,
    target printer:"Prints Charming"}
print theDoc with properties printConfig with print dialog

Also on the web page ................

print: Print the specified object(s)
print reference -- Objects to print. Can be a list of files or an object

[with properties print settings] -- The print settings
[print dialog boolean] -- Should the application show the Print dialog?

The print settings parameter allows a scripter to specify the following

Class print settings:

copies integer [r/o] -- The number of copies of a document to be printed
collating boolean [r/o] -- Should printed copies be collated?
starting page integer [r/o] -- The first page of the document to be printed
ending page integer [r/o] -- The last page of the document to be printed
pages across integer [r/o] -- Number of logical pages laid across a physical
pages down integer [r/o] -- Number of logical pages laid out down a physical
requested print time date [r/o] -- The time at which the desktop printer
should print the document
error handling standard/summarized/detailed [r/o] -- How errors are handled
fax number text [r/o] -- The number to which to fax the document
target printer text [r/o] -- The name of the destination print queue

Jim Ault
Las Vegas

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