AVI versus MOV in standalones - H.264 encoding

Alex Shaw alex at harryscollar.com
Tue Oct 24 11:08:49 EDT 2006


I've had good success with MPEG4 too but it can be a resource hog if you 
try to play back too many clips at once. And also found large-framed (> 
640px wide) video also suffers playback-wise on older machines.

Seems H.264 encoding is the future (for quicktime)..


.. but not everyone has super spec-ed 64-bit playback capabilities.


Sivakatirswami wrote:
> Confirmed here: I'm getting good results with MPEG4 on both platforms.
> It *does* require WMP v9, so Windows upgrade laggards will be your problem.
> Luis wrote:
>> Well MPEG-4 should work across the board with recent releases of QT 
>> (v7) and WMP (v9).
>> MPEG-2 will get you DVD quality, whereas MPEG-4 has been aimed at HDTV.
>> Another option is DivX, the players for both are free and to encode 
>> DivX you need DivX Pro, which is about $20, although I don't know what 
>> the situation is with branding, distributing and suchlike.

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