record sound kills USB audio output

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I'm not sure what an iMic is.. .but we have trouble here with any 
headsets that
have dual prongs which go to a USB Adaptor. e.g. no way to turn
down the volume...Those headsets that are wired
direct to a USB plug are working fine...

Dan Soneson wrote:
> This one's a weird one. I am working on a Macintosh version 10.4.7. I 
> have a set of computers in my language lab that are using Plantronics 
> A-90 headsets with iMics through the USB port. Recently I switched some 
> computers to a Logitech USB headset without the need for an iMic. Both 
> headsets have microphones attached. I have an app that records user 
> voice input using the record sound command. When I record with the 
> Plantronics, everything is fine. However, when I record with the Logitec 
> headset, the microphone works fine and a file is recorded, but the 
> earphones no longer receive sound. In other words, even though the 
> computer sound output is directed to the Logitech USB Headset, we can 
> hear nothing through the headset. In fact, the headset audio is dead 
> until we reboot the machine.
> Has anyone seen this? It's a weird phenomenon, since the system has been 
> working fine until I installed a few of the newer USB headsets. Now I 
> have nothing but trouble. And this only malfunctions when I issue a 
> record sound call from within Rev. The application I have been using was 
> built with Rev 2.6.1, but the problem persists in Rev 2.7.4.
> Thanks,
> Dan
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