Suite of Tests

David Bovill david at
Mon Oct 23 19:44:11 EDT 2006

Yes the shared data was something that became very useful. It is
particularly useful as you can craft "broken" html, lists, indexes and
strings knowing that they tend to cause problems and throw them at new
scripts - also very useful when rapidly changing handlers and extending them
for a new use of "improving" them. After changing the code just run the
tests and see if it breaks.

I then got carried away and coded a chat robot based on the open source
software Alice - so that you could store common answers to questions, and
have "augmented" responses - the aim was to replace Scott Raney. Putting the
two together we could develop "unit tests for Revolutionaries" - any list
member that could survive 30 minutes of constant chat with a fully automated
Scott Raney would pass to the next level?

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