Resizable stack with a custom shape (was: Re: Transparent stacks...)

Scott Rossi scott at
Mon Oct 23 14:47:45 EDT 2006

> What is the recommended way (if there is one) to have a resizable
> stack that
> also has a custom shape? For example if you wanted to have rounded
> corners.

A stack that grows and shrinks smoothly is possible but difficult to pull
off (arbitrary resizing is unlikely).  You will need to have multiple
bitmaps embedded in the stack that reflect each "in between" states of the
stack's dimensions (ie think of a panel sliding out from the side or bottom
of the stack or a stack that grows/shrinks to fixed sizes).  The alternate
way to do an expanding stack is to employ 2 states, with 2 bitmaps: one
bitmap has the stack in a normal mode, and the other bitmap has the stack in
its expanded mode.  You then provide a button to toggle the windowshape
between the two states and use the appropriate bitmap accordingly.  Remember
that you must make both bitmaps identical in size, meaning the the "normal"
mode bitmap will have a transparent region, while the "expanded" state
bitmap will have the same region opaque.

A bit difficult to describe using words -- let me know if this doesn't make


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