AVI versus MOV in standalones - Apple Quicktime regulations

Bill Marriott wjm at wjm.org
Mon Oct 23 14:42:45 EDT 2006


> Can all of this be avoided, including the necessity of including the 
> Quicktime
> installer, by making the Windows version of the standalones using AVI 
> format?
> Do all Windows computers come with AVI reading capabilities preinstalled?
> Would there be any drawback to using AVI rather than MOV format?   Thanks.

This are great questions. All Windows computers come with the ability to 
play AVI files (at least, outside of Rev). This article lists the default 
codecs installed:


Windows Media player will automatically download [certain supported] codecs 
as required, but I don't think embedded AVIs (in Rev stacks) have this 

I don't think there's any drawback to using AVI on Windows except for the 
extra coding involved. 

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