Rename remote server file

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Mon Oct 23 11:36:10 EDT 2006


I don't think you can use the rename command like that. You'll need  
to use FTP commands (RNFR and RNTO) in combination with  




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Op 23-okt-2006, om 16:09 heeft Richard Miller het volgende geschreven:

> Is there any way to rename a file on a remote server? I'm not sure  
> if I'm having trouble with the syntax or if the server just won't  
> let me do it. I've set the file permissions (of the file to be  
> renamed... it's on a Mac server running OS X) to read/write.
> I'm trying:
>     rename url "ftp//....filename1" to url "ftp//....filename2"
> I see Rev trying to do it, but it comes back with a "can't rename  
> file" error.
> Thanks.
> Richard Miller
> Imprinter Technologies

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