File anming conventions?

David Bovill david at
Sun Oct 22 18:14:43 EDT 2006

Sorry Mark - not exactly a problem - just checking to see if I am on the
right lines in case there are some platform / end user issues I am not aware
of - so yes I can use safe characters - just figuring if there is any reason
to keep file names to 8+3 chars any more - guess not, and I completely
forgot about "-".

So any reasonable length file name and use "." "_" or "-" Thanks for the

On 22/10/06, Mark Schonewille <m.schonewille at> wrote:
> David,
> I don't understand what you are doing. If your application decides
> which filenames to use by itself, you can just use normal characters,
> numbers and a few special symbols which are known to be safe. The
> dot, the dash and the underscore, to name a few, should be
> sufficient. If the user decided on file names, you should use the
> built-in file dialog of the operating system, which just won't allow
> for saving files with invalid characters. So, why exactly do you
> think there is a problem?

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