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Wilhelm Sanke sanke at
Sun Oct 22 17:43:32 EDT 2006

On Sun Oct 22, Jim Carwardine JimCarwardine at wrote:

> This must be easy but I can't find it... The colors and patterns inspector
> does not tell me the RGB triplet or the Hue and Saturation numbers of a
> colour I created.  How do I easily recreate that colour in another object
> when I can't simply transfer the numbers like I did before version 
> 2.7.4...
> Jim
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Three options that come to my mind:

1. "set the backcolor of control x to the backcolor of control y"

2. put "put the mousecolor" into the script of the object from which you 
wish to tranfer the color

3. use the alternative Metacard IDE. In the color chooser of the 
property inspector choose tab "RGB".


Wilhelm Sanke

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